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Welcome to the homepage for the LOVERS USA Club  
We wanted to find a way for a more intimate group of us to interact and grow together .

This will be the official page for both Club Members & Street Team Members .

To be a part of the club , you must sign up & fill out the necessary information provided . .

Upon completing you will receive a hand-written letter .
You MUST return your own physical letter to us before you are apart of LOVERS USA .

At least once a month , you will receive a letter personally for you .

The only dues you have to remain in this club is to continue writing and returning that letter to us each month . 

Pretty simple .

Those of you who decided to be a part of this will receive exclusive content 
(I.e. songs , photos , merchandise)

that others will not see or hear


Any projects on the Street Team front are not required , but will come with their own incentives .

We can't wait to start this journey with you .


Thanks ! Talk to you soon .

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